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Become a Member
(Joining the Family)

Becoming a FBC Holly Hill Family Member

Here at FBC Holly Hill, we don't want the church to be like family. We want to it truly feel, and function as a family. A family provides an environment of shared vision and goals. A family sacrifices together to ensure that the family can continue on in a healthy manner. A family also encourages and cares for one another when things may not go the way things were planned. 

Here at FBC Holly Hill, the main driving force behind our family is our connection to Jesus and what he has done for us on the cross. For all who have placed their trust in Jesus, he has brought them into his family. Adopted. 

That is what Church membership is. It is a commitment to one body of believers to spiritually grow with, care for, and serve alongside that church.

If you are considering becoming a family member of FBC Holly Hill, we promise to welcome you into the family the  same way Jesus welcomes us all.

To begin the process of becoming a member:

1.)  Pray and ask God for Guidance before doing anything else. Membership is a very serious commitment and should not be taken lightly.

2.) Seek Godly council from a friend about whether or not you should join the family as a member at FBC HH.

3.) Register for the next NEW MEMBER CLASS  You can do that by clicking >>>: HERE

4.) Complete the class and commit to be the best family member you can be to see the mission of Jesus continue to go forward.

We cannot wait to join with you in this. 

Welcome Home

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